How to clean your eyelash extensions

Who needs boy drama when you can have lash drama?

Treat yourself to the gift of freshly cleansed lashes with the Lash Perfect, 1, 2, 3 Cleansing Routine and keep your extensions looking perfect for longer with our cleansing set. Don’t have lash extensions? No problem, our Lash Perfect 1, 2, 3 Cleansing Routine is the ultimate way to leave your natural lashes residue-free. 

Let’s have a look at the 3 steps to perfectly clean lashes…

Our incredible Lift Off Foaming Cleanser is the first step to perfectly clean, residue-free lashes. Our cleanser works quickly to lift all traces of makeup and mascara, leaving your lashes natural, fluffy and feeling fresh. The fast-action formula is oil-free and gentle, perfect for sensitive eyes and can also be used on your whole face, making the chore of removing your makeup super easy!

Gone are the days of viciously rubbing your lashes! Our Lift Off Foaming Cleanser is perfect to use with Step 2 in our cleansing routine, the Cleansing Brush or the Eyelash Cleansing Cloth.  Using the microfibre cloth or brush will make your cleansing routine simple, quick and extremely effective; leaving your eyes fresh and feeling as light as feathers.

Long day in the office and in need of a refresh? Getting ready on the go? Or just too tired after a girls night out? Our Lash Cleansing Wipes are Step 3 in our cleansing routine, and are perfect for when you need something quick and easy that you can keep in your handbag. Lash extension lovers know the struggle of not being able to use wipes (because of the fibres that get tangled up in the adhesive bonds) – but our fibre-free conditioning wipes are the solution! The soothing aloe vera and active conditioning ingredients will have you feeling soft and fresh with just a few wipes.